I aint going to “ICE CUBE”

Taken from a conversation of ICE CUBE when someone asked him about the death of Jerry Heller with whom ICE CUBE didnt have any good relations he said

I aint gonna pop a champagne but i aint gonna shed a tear either it is what it is we come to go

Well it is universal truth we come to go otherwise if we were immortals Earth would be overpopulated centuries ago with billions of people roaming around its a nature way to make room for the new livings

Over death of someone you love or hate you dont have to cry a river or throw negative remarks i am not saying you have to be emotionless .Their is no point in crying or throwing hate at a dead body whoever that person was he/she was an organic being. and just like any organic being our organs have an expiry date and when that date comes we have to move away from this world to decompose in the grave so if someone close passed away cheer that they lived and shared moments with you and someone with whom you had tense relations died well he is gone for good so hold your PEACE and have a good one

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