Stay in your “Kevin Hart”

Taken from a stand up comedy of Kevin Hart

Stay in your financial lane

Humans are complex beings they have this urge to show off to the people around them its programmed that way and most of us never try to control how much of a childish and ridiculous that habit is comparing your self to others trying to keep up with them

As kevin Hart said remember your finance show much you can afford and how much can you afford to spend it is nice to have a little backup plan in case of something tragic happens instead of ripping apart your finances and when you need some extra money you realize that you spent on something that you didn’t needed and now you have to ask someone for money your relatives your brother .Its never a good feeling when you borrow from someone

Always remember to stay in your financial lane dont be a miser also but spend to tend your needs dont be extravagant as bad times dont come with a knock have a good one PEACE


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