You cant hangout “Kevin Hart”

Taken from a standup comedy of Kevin Hart

You cant hang out with everybody

Well as humans we are social animals who lives in groups families, friends  and their are people in your lives right now as you pass through the time and move forward every year you meet new people you loose touch with old ones and you find new people now here right now you have people in your life that are dear to you

Their is a certain rule that you cant hangout with everybody just like you cant please every one just like not every person who shakes your hand is your friend

Their are people who are bad influence,people who try to put you down ,people who want to make you feel low those are the negative type of people and as kevin hart mentioned you cant hangout with these type of people as they will try to suck the happiness out of you stay blessed learn to say No to those kind of people and dont let them control you or feel you bad for their words and have a Good one PEACE


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