Theirs a possibility “CCN”

Taken out of context from my Networks teacher words

Their is a possibility of anything

These 6 words cover whole lot of wisdom that if we apply it to our life maybe we wont be judging people so quickly all the time humans are weird creatures they would judge a stranger just by looking at it

Look an old man is shouting (stupid old man has nothing to do so he is yelling in the street) right

Maybe that old man is tired of living may be he is sick may be his children left him for dead in an old house you see those MAYBEs  they show the possibilities .Unless you see it with your own eyes or hear it from your own ears their would always be possibility that you know the half truth and half truth can lead you to assumptions that you make with your feelings and that kind of assumptions always cause you trouble

So dont be so quickly to judge always keep the glass half empty for possibilities and have a good one PEACE

Everything put together “Faith”

Taken from the 6th Season of Californication

Everything put together falls apart sooner or later

Strange ,Weird but true everything falls apart sooner or later thats just a universal truth our health our body our friends after a certain period of time things just start to go off .Not everything can stay the same in your life

Life is a variable after years of living your joints start to fall apart .After studying different institutions your old friends start to fall apart and you just have to keep riding this ride called life saying good byes and keep the good memories learn from the bad ones .Everything teaches you a lesson if your willing to learn it

So as long as things are not falling apart learn live cherish the moments and when its time to fall apart be ready to say Good bye and move on to the next stage have a Good one PEACE