Back in the day “Ino Yamanaka”

Taken from Naruto Shippuden a conversation between 3 friends who grew up together

Ino: Back in the day we were together 24/7 now we have to set a date and day to meet up just for dinner

Shikamaru : Maybe that’s what it means to be an adult

We all have gone through this stage of life  school friends ,college friends ,neighborhood friends ,University friends

Where are your school best friends they may be alive but they are not part of you anymore their was a time where you would be working together playing together and  with passage of time

People who meant to you a lot once lose their importance they become the past you occasionally see them and just throw a  hi your not interested in them anymore because you have more responsibilities as you grow up and  the bond is gone why because their purpose in your life is over if your school friend stays with you for long time through college university that would be a blessing

But bottom line is as soon as you stop communicating with somebody you start to forget them not completely but their existence doesn’t mean much to you anymore and then years would pass and you would hear a friend from high school passed away and your 70 and you would think oh a good fellow we used to study chemistry together great times RIP boy guess that’s what means being adult you keep passing through time making new friends loosing contact with some and keep in touch with others thats how it goes PEACE



The memories one wish “Ro”

Taken from Naruto Shippuden

The memories one wish to forget tend to stick like glue

Well isn’t that true some tragic memories stay with us forever the ones we want to forget those kind of memories

Humans have this tendency to overthink about the things that happened in past the memories

A death of someone close

A betrayal by someone

A tragic accident

These kind incidents stay with us forever ever been in a feeling where you want to forget something but shit their is no format option in our brains drive which stores huge amount of data guess we are not programmed to format like computers .Humans created computers they put the format option in them in a star wars episode an android robot says to a man i am thankfull i am a robot atleast i can be formatted if i am damage you on the other hand you have to go through all the pain and suffering so i am blessed .Well thats the purpose you cant just forget things they stay with you

You just have to learn to live with them as time goes on for humans Time is a great healer because with time the priority of a memory decreases and it gets stored in some dusty corner of our brains and when you pass that cafe or coffer shop or restaurant or home where you spent your childhood or where you played with your best friends

Those kind of triggers take you back in memory lane and your brain says remember when you were 16 and the video plays infront of your eyes bottomline is good or bad memories stay with you as a human you have to feel them accept them and keep moving we do not have format but we should be blessed that robots cant feel happiness joy friendship i have been using this laptop for 3 years and i think this machine has greater processing power then my brain because its designed for specific purpose but it cant operate on itself it doesnt have its free will  it doesnt have friends neither can a machine eat food so whatever you have be happy that your a human not a mouse bird  insect snake or a machine stay blessed and be content with it PEACE

Efficiency gets compromised “Kakashi Hatake”

Taken from Naruto Shippuden

Efficiency gets compromised if you don’t take a break

Wise words from Lord Sixth humans are not designed for long term working its computers who can do repetitive tasks constantly with minimum probability of error

But with humans we have desires and thinking ability which  detrack ourselves in our thoughts if we keep doing one thing constantly for a certain period of time .Ever studied 2 hours consecutively and you started to loose focus because your brain becomes tired and manipulate you to do something else that is your brains way of saying get the fuck up and refresh yourself before you explode with tiredness

See that’s how humans work ever sit in class focused when class starts and after an hour or 45 mins you find yourself sketching on your notebook or awkwardly staring at other classmates without even knowing your staring at someone or start getting mentally absent from the class these are all the results of lack of concentration and your brain capability to focus after a certain time it would be very hard for you to focus on a certain task so refresh your self before you compromise efficiency of your task have a good one and PEACE

A bond is only created “Hogoromo”

Taken from Naruto Shippuden

A bond is created only after sharing hardship together

Well someone said a friend in need is a friend indeed this is other way of saying you get closer to people and have a true bond with whom you shared your hardships

Your friends who helped you getting from difficult times of your life your parents relatives those who helped you always stood by you .Those who stand by you when it suits them when its all sunny those are the back stabbing people who with a smile stay with you when its all shiny and sunny and when the time comes they show their true nature of snake

No matter how much people deceive you or talk shit about you when they leave you learn to  get over it because those were the people who never shared hardships with you they stayed until it benefited them cut those people form your life before you suffer a great loss don’t expect much from them learn to say no

Respect those who stood by you when you were at your lowest have a good one and PEACE

Coincidence is a weird thing “Chino”

Taken from Naruto Shippuden

Coincidence is a weird thing

Well things happen by coincidence ever thought about that

You may have many best friends many memories many encounters how do they happen by coincidence

What is the definition of coincidence when two parallel activities cross each other path and when that happens friendship happens ,relationship occurs and breaks. Memories are created you meet people by coincidence and then those people become a part of your life

Ever remember meeting someone in your school and college and they became your best friends with whom you shared lots of memories the coincidence was you and your friend got themselves enrolled in same institution same program same class well see the pattern just two random strangers getting closer by the mystical power of coincidence .Well some people dont believe in coincidence in terms of mathematics its called the Probability Theory :3   you can say the probability that you will find a friend in college is greater because humans are social animals well whatever you say

We all have met people from uncommon places who brought out the best in us Probability or Coincidence it HAPPENED so have a good one and PEACE

True victory “Might Duy”

Taken from Naruto Shippuden

True victory isnt about beating someone its about becoming better then who you were yesterday

Hate, Jealousy are a part of human nature ever see a person who is more successful in life then you that person is better then you in everything and when you see it you go deep in self loathing Hate and Jealousy harms no one but you yourself

On the other side if you look brightly to a person who is more successful then you  .You will look open minded that person worked more then you  .He started from scratch and deserves the success that he now owns .Biggest  problem today is we keep comparing ourselves to others and consider ourselves inferior or useless when we see someone better then us thats not how you survive in this world you have to work hard every day in whatever you choose to do in your life be consistent with it and make your self better then you were yesterday say no to HATE and JEALOUSY be motivated to see others if they can do it you can do it to have a good one PEACE


Every word has a meaning “Indra”

Taken from Naruto Shippuden

Every word has a meaning

Well we all hear the sentences from our friends family to who ever we talk whatever we talk or say to someone their is meaning behind our every word .Ever heard a friend say something and then ending i was joking well maybe your friend was kidding but their was an intention of  saying some words that you found bitter or weird or out of context

Ever happen to you that you hear or find yourself talking shit about other  people why do you think that would happen because the person about who your backbiting .You doesnt like that person and your spreading hate so other people around you also hold the same image of that particular person and thats a complex thing but thats a human thing free will brings evil in us and always remember

whenever someone says something joke or no joke their was an intention to pass on the words in the air so you will know always choose your words carefully have a good one PEACE

Whats done is done “Boruto”

Taken from second episode of Boruto

Whats done is done i cant worry about that

Done is Done what does it teaches you it teaches you somethings in this life you cant control

Their would be many things you failed in life  .Their would be people you have lost but thats done you cant go back to that its done you have to look at the bright side of every screwed up condition you ever faced if you dont do that you will be neck deep in self loathing that you never get things done the way they are suppose to be done

So always remember you wont get any benefit from overthinking about situations and decisions that you made in past you have to bury the hatchet and keep living so have a good one and PEACE

Set the bar to 3.9 “Hussey”

Heard my fellow Hussey saying it once

Set the bar to 3.9 and then you may end up with 3.5

Well i am university student so for those who don’t know what those 3.9 and 3.5 are they are grades and this saying just doesn’t apply to your educational career it applies in your whole life whatever your goals are let me break this up to you

You have this goal of getting 90% marks in finals you did your preparations worked hard  did your best performed tests and finished your exams  on result day their are few possibilities you may cross your goals 90+ you may come around your goals 85% how did this happen you thought of 90% set a goal for yourself and you didn’t accurately achieved it accurately  but you came close to your goal and thats a big thing .You cant completely predict the future

The only thing you can do is set goals for yourself set the bar high never underestimate yourself and remember setting high goals don’t mean shit if you don’t move your lazy ass and work hard getting results is equal to how much you hard work you put in the more the sugar the sweeter the result have a good one PEACE

No matter how exceptional “Sage of Six Paths”

Taken from Naruto Shipuden

No matter how exceptional the parents are not all abilities are transferred to their kids

Well Human DNA is amazing thing . Its like bonus points you get from being born you may look gorgeous or your dad is a Mathematics Teacher and you got some plus minus in your chromosomes no kidding:)

Well i have a friend whose math is amazing many of my friends have great mathematical skills but this one friend who i think inherited math from his Father because his father is a Maths teacher he used to solve problems fast like really fast .But hey you also need interest in a particular subject or field its not like you say

Oh tomorrow is my Algebra exam but hey my dad was a mathematician so as soon as i will get the paper  . I would start shitting down the knowledge that my DNA possess 🙂

It doesn’t work that way trust me if it did work like that  world would be a different place right now .

Interest ,Hard work and patience are keys to master a technique .Ever saw your relatives say to a newborn that kid looks like his granddad or mother .Not only we possess the looks of our ancestors we could inherit many things like special talents ,Intelligence so no matter how exceptional your parents are they may be very quick in decision making but your a little dull in decision making its normal so theirs that have a good one and PEACE