After 100 years of living “Tereza”

Taken from a YOUTUBE Interview of Old People

After 100 years of living you don’t have much left to do just memories and a desire to live more

Well humans have this tendency a hidden desire to live forever that’s why we created fantasy Draculas and Vampires that can live forever but not us humans still if someone crosses 100 thats a big deal because most of humans organ expire between 60 to 70 years

During an interview of a women named Tereza who was 100+ years old she said to people after a certain time you run out of things to do its same as you complete all the missions of the game and then you have nothing to do .Well its not completely true we can try to pretend we are busy but 100 years is  a long time .You have the good and bad memories Friends most of them are dead .You see your kids grow up and their kids and when your old you just sit and think about all the things you did years ago and you smile and then if your organs are still going on you would want to live as soon as the heart keeps pumping the blood in your body at least that would i want anways create memories never let the will to live another day die when its time to go you will know until then have a good one and PEACE



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