No matter how exceptional “Sage of Six Paths”

Taken from Naruto Shipuden

No matter how exceptional the parents are not all abilities are transferred to their kids

Well Human DNA is amazing thing . Its like bonus points you get from being born you may look gorgeous or your dad is a Mathematics Teacher and you got some plus minus in your chromosomes no kidding:)

Well i have a friend whose math is amazing many of my friends have great mathematical skills but this one friend who i think inherited math from his Father because his father is a Maths teacher he used to solve problems fast like really fast .But hey you also need interest in a particular subject or field its not like you say

Oh tomorrow is my Algebra exam but hey my dad was a mathematician so as soon as i will get the paper  . I would start shitting down the knowledge that my DNA possess 🙂

It doesn’t work that way trust me if it did work like that  world would be a different place right now .

Interest ,Hard work and patience are keys to master a technique .Ever saw your relatives say to a newborn that kid looks like his granddad or mother .Not only we possess the looks of our ancestors we could inherit many things like special talents ,Intelligence so no matter how exceptional your parents are they may be very quick in decision making but your a little dull in decision making its normal so theirs that have a good one and PEACE

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