Set the bar to 3.9 “Hussey”

Heard my fellow Hussey saying it once

Set the bar to 3.9 and then you may end up with 3.5

Well i am university student so for those who don’t know what those 3.9 and 3.5 are they are grades and this saying just doesn’t apply to your educational career it applies in your whole life whatever your goals are let me break this up to you

You have this goal of getting 90% marks in finals you did your preparations worked hard  did your best performed tests and finished your exams  on result day their are few possibilities you may cross your goals 90+ you may come around your goals 85% how did this happen you thought of 90% set a goal for yourself and you didn’t accurately achieved it accurately  but you came close to your goal and thats a big thing .You cant completely predict the future

The only thing you can do is set goals for yourself set the bar high never underestimate yourself and remember setting high goals don’t mean shit if you don’t move your lazy ass and work hard getting results is equal to how much you hard work you put in the more the sugar the sweeter the result have a good one PEACE


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