Every word has a meaning “Indra”

Taken from Naruto Shippuden

Every word has a meaning

Well we all hear the sentences from our friends family to who ever we talk whatever we talk or say to someone their is meaning behind our every word .Ever heard a friend say something and then ending i was joking well maybe your friend was kidding but their was an intention of  saying some words that you found bitter or weird or out of context

Ever happen to you that you hear or find yourself talking shit about other  people why do you think that would happen because the person about who your backbiting .You doesnt like that person and your spreading hate so other people around you also hold the same image of that particular person and thats a complex thing but thats a human thing free will brings evil in us and always remember

whenever someone says something joke or no joke their was an intention to pass on the words in the air so you will know always choose your words carefully have a good one PEACE

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