True victory “Might Duy”

Taken from Naruto Shippuden

True victory isnt about beating someone its about becoming better then who you were yesterday

Hate, Jealousy are a part of human nature ever see a person who is more successful in life then you that person is better then you in everything and when you see it you go deep in self loathing Hate and Jealousy harms no one but you yourself

On the other side if you look brightly to a person who is more successful then you  .You will look open minded that person worked more then you  .He started from scratch and deserves the success that he now owns .Biggest  problem today is we keep comparing ourselves to others and consider ourselves inferior or useless when we see someone better then us thats not how you survive in this world you have to work hard every day in whatever you choose to do in your life be consistent with it and make your self better then you were yesterday say no to HATE and JEALOUSY be motivated to see others if they can do it you can do it to have a good one PEACE


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