Coincidence is a weird thing “Chino”

Taken from Naruto Shippuden

Coincidence is a weird thing

Well things happen by coincidence ever thought about that

You may have many best friends many memories many encounters how do they happen by coincidence

What is the definition of coincidence when two parallel activities cross each other path and when that happens friendship happens ,relationship occurs and breaks. Memories are created you meet people by coincidence and then those people become a part of your life

Ever remember meeting someone in your school and college and they became your best friends with whom you shared lots of memories the coincidence was you and your friend got themselves enrolled in same institution same program same class well see the pattern just two random strangers getting closer by the mystical power of coincidence .Well some people dont believe in coincidence in terms of mathematics its called the Probability Theory :3   you can say the probability that you will find a friend in college is greater because humans are social animals well whatever you say

We all have met people from uncommon places who brought out the best in us Probability or Coincidence it HAPPENED so have a good one and PEACE

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