The memories one wish “Ro”

Taken from Naruto Shippuden

The memories one wish to forget tend to stick like glue

Well isn’t that true some tragic memories stay with us forever the ones we want to forget those kind of memories

Humans have this tendency to overthink about the things that happened in past the memories

A death of someone close

A betrayal by someone

A tragic accident

These kind incidents stay with us forever ever been in a feeling where you want to forget something but shit their is no format option in our brains drive which stores huge amount of data guess we are not programmed to format like computers .Humans created computers they put the format option in them in a star wars episode an android robot says to a man i am thankfull i am a robot atleast i can be formatted if i am damage you on the other hand you have to go through all the pain and suffering so i am blessed .Well thats the purpose you cant just forget things they stay with you

You just have to learn to live with them as time goes on for humans Time is a great healer because with time the priority of a memory decreases and it gets stored in some dusty corner of our brains and when you pass that cafe or coffer shop or restaurant or home where you spent your childhood or where you played with your best friends

Those kind of triggers take you back in memory lane and your brain says remember when you were 16 and the video plays infront of your eyes bottomline is good or bad memories stay with you as a human you have to feel them accept them and keep moving we do not have format but we should be blessed that robots cant feel happiness joy friendship i have been using this laptop for 3 years and i think this machine has greater processing power then my brain because its designed for specific purpose but it cant operate on itself it doesnt have its free will  it doesnt have friends neither can a machine eat food so whatever you have be happy that your a human not a mouse bird  insect snake or a machine stay blessed and be content with it PEACE


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