Back in the day “Ino Yamanaka”

Taken from Naruto Shippuden a conversation between 3 friends who grew up together

Ino: Back in the day we were together 24/7 now we have to set a date and day to meet up just for dinner

Shikamaru : Maybe that’s what it means to be an adult

We all have gone through this stage of life  school friends ,college friends ,neighborhood friends ,University friends

Where are your school best friends they may be alive but they are not part of you anymore their was a time where you would be working together playing together and  with passage of time

People who meant to you a lot once lose their importance they become the past you occasionally see them and just throw a  hi your not interested in them anymore because you have more responsibilities as you grow up and  the bond is gone why because their purpose in your life is over if your school friend stays with you for long time through college university that would be a blessing

But bottom line is as soon as you stop communicating with somebody you start to forget them not completely but their existence doesn’t mean much to you anymore and then years would pass and you would hear a friend from high school passed away and your 70 and you would think oh a good fellow we used to study chemistry together great times RIP boy guess that’s what means being adult you keep passing through time making new friends loosing contact with some and keep in touch with others thats how it goes PEACE



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