Putting your goals “Shino”

Taken from Naruto Shippuden

Putting your goals in to words is the first step to acheive your dream

Well  allot of people say it doesn’t matter but it does matter .Acknowledging it with your tongue i am going to do it no matter what and i am going to do all the necessary steps that are required to acheive a certain goal that kind of will power and hunger for a goal can make you do amazing things

The first step in anything is realizing your goal and then saying it Muhammad Ali used to say “I am the Greatest ” his way of talking get to his opponents that was the reason he won most of matches before even getting in the ring with other boxer because of the way he used his words to manipulate the thoughts of his opponents

So whatever your goals are a Doctor,an Engineer, A Singer remember you always have to rememeber why you choose a goal and why you want to acheive it so its never to late put your goals in to words stop procrastinating and work your way up have a good one PEACE

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