Eventually you will get used to it “Terezza”

Taken  from a NAT GEO interview of Senior Citizens

Eventually you will get used to it because life go on regardless

Well this sums up entire life line of a human in this time interval when we are functional or alive on this planet we are passing through a flow of time that is unstoppable and you have to feel the flow make choice make friends with new people loose some of them move on when its time to move on and collect memories good or bad you cant stay in a constant situation forever happiness and  sadness are part of our lives

So whatever happens to you either you loose your parents or siblings just remember you cant do anything about it that’s how nature works the old one pass away to make room for new life on this planet you have to get used to it living without your loved ones but remember this you always have memories of them in your heart to cherish the time you spent with them and it was worth it so don’t hold on to the past cherish the memories and life goes on regardless of what has happened to you

And after years you will get used to it the feeling remains their but the feeling is not the same as it was when the wound is fresh loosing your father would be tough for you but after 20 years you would still feel sad but at that time you have learned to co-op with the fact that he is gone and their is nothing you can do about it so you get used to it have a good one and PEACE



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