Now will be just a memory “The Boy”

Taken from the Paulo Coelho Book The Alchemist

Now will be just a memory tomorrow, but now is present and you must learn to cheer now

Paulos Books are amazing and deep here the main character says some deep words that most of ppl are living in past but they forget that past was  once called NOW. Do you know the definition of past

The usual routines of yourself that change with age but are saved in some part of your brain that triggers automatically

Ever headed back  memory lane when you visited your old school,The place you grew up, the place where you used to hang put with friends the place where you have incredible memories yes we all just loose ourselves when we go to an old place and the minds removes the dust saying Remember when you were in 6 grade  oh the good ol days but you have to remember something

Just because you miss the past doesnt mean you have to live in it YOUR LIVING IN NOW  PRESENT HERE RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT YOUR READING THIS YOUR LIVING IN NOW and that now would tomorrow be past just like any other day you live in so you must learn to cheer now  have a good one and PEACE

You will be old “Linda”

Taken from Paulo Coelho book Adultery the main character says

You will be old soon and then cleared away

What is being old  well i define being old is a person who keeps living in the past it doesnt matter if your 16 ,26,45 if you keep drowning and self loathing saying wow 1994 was good year i should just travel back in time well move your lazy ass and stop that non-sense cuz thats just not happening

A person who just sits and do nothing always thinking and even living in past .So do you live in past do you constantly keep reminding yourself i wish i could go back in time then Sir your abso fucking lutely bananas living in the past and your old and poor because instead of creating new memories your just sitting their whining about how good you were in studies or how good you were in football what has happened has happened

We humans are just a part of this big blue planet that keep revolving and doesnt care about you why ? because there are like 6 billion of us here so it was revolving before you were born and its still doing it and maybe keep doing it for a while after you pass away

So always look back and cherish the moments you spent and look forward for the life you have left hey looking bad is not bad at all but living back that is just not so sane so dont get cleared by living in past  have a good one and Peace


Their is no one more blind then the one who dont want to see “Linda”

This quote is taken from the Paulo Coulho Book Adultery the main chracter Linda says it during a conversation with his husband

Their are times when you are in a situation that you have to do something .Remember that person who started to ignore you and you did your best to get that person back but that one particular person has moved on .You have eyes but your acting blind giving your precious time and attention to some one who doesnt give a dusty F on what you do for them .Stop being blind and letting people roll over you .Stop wasting energy on people who bring negativity in your world .Dont be blind that you reach a place where their is misery and you know how you can do that by accepting things as they are some one turned back on you do the same and keep moving Peace