No one can read “Unknown”

Read a facebook comment once

No one can read your mind but they sure can propagate an idea to control your thoughts

Well its simple as that no one can read your mind why because we dont have the ability to do so its not in our abilities to read others mind and thats a good thing Thank God imagine a world where people would be fighting on reading others thoughts it would be chaos

In this case ignorance is a bliss but on other case you can control peoples thoughts by propagating ideas like saying things

lets take an example

You come out of examination hall and a kid opens its mouth saying the answer of this question was this this and now your mind started to calculating what you wrote and what you didnt write i tried this technique on a friend of mine .We had Computer Architecture Exam and after we came out he was asking me whats answer of this and answer of this i am kind of person who don’t discuss exam whats done is done let the teacher decide so i decided to teach my fellow a lesson in between our discussion he said this question answer was only 2 points and i said no that’s wrong and gave him a logical explanation on how he missed some points and after that explanation the rest is history i didn’t had to do anything he was self-absorbing himself in to overthinking about why he missed some question points and quite frankly i enjoyed that on top of that to every person he met after i told him he missed some points he was whining i missed some points of that question like other people care on what you missed duh Why ? because some people need to keep their mouth shut

Its good if you did good in exam but don’t shout out to show off  that’s childish and ridiculous anyways have a good one and PEACE

Eventually you will get used to it “Terezza”

Taken  from a NAT GEO interview of Senior Citizens

Eventually you will get used to it because life go on regardless

Well this sums up entire life line of a human in this time interval when we are functional or alive on this planet we are passing through a flow of time that is unstoppable and you have to feel the flow make choice make friends with new people loose some of them move on when its time to move on and collect memories good or bad you cant stay in a constant situation forever happiness and  sadness are part of our lives

So whatever happens to you either you loose your parents or siblings just remember you cant do anything about it that’s how nature works the old one pass away to make room for new life on this planet you have to get used to it living without your loved ones but remember this you always have memories of them in your heart to cherish the time you spent with them and it was worth it so don’t hold on to the past cherish the memories and life goes on regardless of what has happened to you

And after years you will get used to it the feeling remains their but the feeling is not the same as it was when the wound is fresh loosing your father would be tough for you but after 20 years you would still feel sad but at that time you have learned to co-op with the fact that he is gone and their is nothing you can do about it so you get used to it have a good one and PEACE


Set the bar to 3.9 “Hussey”

Heard my fellow Hussey saying it once

Set the bar to 3.9 and then you may end up with 3.5

Well i am university student so for those who don’t know what those 3.9 and 3.5 are they are grades and this saying just doesn’t apply to your educational career it applies in your whole life whatever your goals are let me break this up to you

You have this goal of getting 90% marks in finals you did your preparations worked hard  did your best performed tests and finished your exams  on result day their are few possibilities you may cross your goals 90+ you may come around your goals 85% how did this happen you thought of 90% set a goal for yourself and you didn’t accurately achieved it accurately  but you came close to your goal and thats a big thing .You cant completely predict the future

The only thing you can do is set goals for yourself set the bar high never underestimate yourself and remember setting high goals don’t mean shit if you don’t move your lazy ass and work hard getting results is equal to how much you hard work you put in the more the sugar the sweeter the result have a good one PEACE

After 100 years of living “Tereza”

Taken from a YOUTUBE Interview of Old People

After 100 years of living you don’t have much left to do just memories and a desire to live more

Well humans have this tendency a hidden desire to live forever that’s why we created fantasy Draculas and Vampires that can live forever but not us humans still if someone crosses 100 thats a big deal because most of humans organ expire between 60 to 70 years

During an interview of a women named Tereza who was 100+ years old she said to people after a certain time you run out of things to do its same as you complete all the missions of the game and then you have nothing to do .Well its not completely true we can try to pretend we are busy but 100 years is  a long time .You have the good and bad memories Friends most of them are dead .You see your kids grow up and their kids and when your old you just sit and think about all the things you did years ago and you smile and then if your organs are still going on you would want to live as soon as the heart keeps pumping the blood in your body at least that would i want anways create memories never let the will to live another day die when its time to go you will know until then have a good one and PEACE


Theirs a possibility “CCN”

Taken out of context from my Networks teacher words

Their is a possibility of anything

These 6 words cover whole lot of wisdom that if we apply it to our life maybe we wont be judging people so quickly all the time humans are weird creatures they would judge a stranger just by looking at it

Look an old man is shouting (stupid old man has nothing to do so he is yelling in the street) right

Maybe that old man is tired of living may be he is sick may be his children left him for dead in an old house you see those MAYBEs  they show the possibilities .Unless you see it with your own eyes or hear it from your own ears their would always be possibility that you know the half truth and half truth can lead you to assumptions that you make with your feelings and that kind of assumptions always cause you trouble

So dont be so quickly to judge always keep the glass half empty for possibilities and have a good one PEACE

I aint going to “ICE CUBE”

Taken from a conversation of ICE CUBE when someone asked him about the death of Jerry Heller with whom ICE CUBE didnt have any good relations he said

I aint gonna pop a champagne but i aint gonna shed a tear either it is what it is we come to go

Well it is universal truth we come to go otherwise if we were immortals Earth would be overpopulated centuries ago with billions of people roaming around its a nature way to make room for the new livings

Over death of someone you love or hate you dont have to cry a river or throw negative remarks i am not saying you have to be emotionless .Their is no point in crying or throwing hate at a dead body whoever that person was he/she was an organic being. and just like any organic being our organs have an expiry date and when that date comes we have to move away from this world to decompose in the grave so if someone close passed away cheer that they lived and shared moments with you and someone with whom you had tense relations died well he is gone for good so hold your PEACE and have a good one

And tomorrow i will wake up “Muhammad Ali”

Taken from One of the best inspirational Athletes in the world the Greatest of All time Muhammad Ali after losing to someone in a boxing match

And tomorrow i will wake up and start over again and its never to late to start over again never forget that

Those words if taken in to action can create a human who knows FAIL means first attempt in learning you dont have to cry at night if you fail at something world is cruel and the world owes you nothing you yourself have to earn it by  trying yourself

So if you fail ,loose something remember those words. Why did Muhammad Ali said tomorrow i will wake up why not start today because when you face a failure your judgement is clouded your decisions are blind mostly so take a deep breath calculate what you did wrong instead of mourning what has happened concentrate on why that happened and then create a plan how you will avoid that particular kind of failure,loss again  so take a deep breath take a nap calculate why it happened and improve have a good one PEACE

You cant hangout “Kevin Hart”

Taken from a standup comedy of Kevin Hart

You cant hang out with everybody

Well as humans we are social animals who lives in groups families, friends  and their are people in your lives right now as you pass through the time and move forward every year you meet new people you loose touch with old ones and you find new people now here right now you have people in your life that are dear to you

Their is a certain rule that you cant hangout with everybody just like you cant please every one just like not every person who shakes your hand is your friend

Their are people who are bad influence,people who try to put you down ,people who want to make you feel low those are the negative type of people and as kevin hart mentioned you cant hangout with these type of people as they will try to suck the happiness out of you stay blessed learn to say No to those kind of people and dont let them control you or feel you bad for their words and have a Good one PEACE

If you dont do it “CA Teacher”

Deduced from our first lecture in Computer Architecture

If you dont do it step by step your doomed

Humans have this tendency to be impatient we all want to get the desired results in anything we do if we are a student we want straight A’s in exams if we are doing a job we want maximum benefits of that job

But their is a process in how to get straight A’s or how you get the maximum benefits from a job .IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR QUALIFICATION .What is a qualified person a person who followed all the steps for a particular task

If you are a student to get the maximum result you have to fill in all the steps revise every lecture do your work dont be dependent on others to do your tasks  see if your not doing any of these steps and day dream about getting A’s i bet you wont even survive in that subject in other words your doomed so perform every step of your goal completely and  results would be same as you desired  thats how the computer architecture works and thats how a human architecture works in general have a good one PEACE


Now will be just a memory “The Boy”

Taken from the Paulo Coelho Book The Alchemist

Now will be just a memory tomorrow, but now is present and you must learn to cheer now

Paulos Books are amazing and deep here the main character says some deep words that most of ppl are living in past but they forget that past was  once called NOW. Do you know the definition of past

The usual routines of yourself that change with age but are saved in some part of your brain that triggers automatically

Ever headed back  memory lane when you visited your old school,The place you grew up, the place where you used to hang put with friends the place where you have incredible memories yes we all just loose ourselves when we go to an old place and the minds removes the dust saying Remember when you were in 6 grade  oh the good ol days but you have to remember something

Just because you miss the past doesnt mean you have to live in it YOUR LIVING IN NOW  PRESENT HERE RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT YOUR READING THIS YOUR LIVING IN NOW and that now would tomorrow be past just like any other day you live in so you must learn to cheer now  have a good one and PEACE