Everything put together “Faith”

Taken from the 6th Season of Californication

Everything put together falls apart sooner or later

Strange ,Weird but true everything falls apart sooner or later thats just a universal truth our health our body our friends after a certain period of time things just start to go off .Not everything can stay the same in your life

Life is a variable after years of living your joints start to fall apart .After studying different institutions your old friends start to fall apart and you just have to keep riding this ride called life saying good byes and keep the good memories learn from the bad ones .Everything teaches you a lesson if your willing to learn it

So as long as things are not falling apart learn live cherish the moments and when its time to fall apart be ready to say Good bye and move on to the next stage have a Good one PEACE

Stay in your “Kevin Hart”

Taken from a stand up comedy of Kevin Hart

Stay in your financial lane

Humans are complex beings they have this urge to show off to the people around them its programmed that way and most of us never try to control how much of a childish and ridiculous that habit is comparing your self to others trying to keep up with them

As kevin Hart said remember your finance show much you can afford and how much can you afford to spend it is nice to have a little backup plan in case of something tragic happens instead of ripping apart your finances and when you need some extra money you realize that you spent on something that you didn’t needed and now you have to ask someone for money your relatives your brother .Its never a good feeling when you borrow from someone

Always remember to stay in your financial lane dont be a miser also but spend to tend your needs dont be extravagant as bad times dont come with a knock have a good one PEACE

Live through “Yoda”

Taken from star wars

Live through the living

The words stress on a natural phenomena when someone dies anyone close to you we feel devastated for a few weeks months we miss or lack the presence of that person that one walked on this earth now that person is 6ft under the ground

After a few time you rarely remember that person who is dead why because your brain is programmed to live through the living if you keep holding on to death of someone you wont be able to go forward for rest of your life we are organic beings as with time our organs get tired after 60 70 years they stop working on average and we are gone

So before our heart stops pumping blood in to rest of your body smile look at your surroundings whats dead is dead remember them cheer the times you spend with the people who are gone and be thankfull for the people who are around you live through the Living friend have a good one PEACE


You hesitated “Raven”

Taken from the 100

You hesitated about something that could blow you up but you didnt hesitated about helping someone who had a deadly virus

We all hesitate sometimes even we try to hide it or not thats in our nature to double think about things we are about to do this quote is taken from a conversation between two friends Finn and Raven

You see we all take risks in our daily life whether you see them or not their are times when you have to do something and you hesitate to do it because of outcome of that particular task take an example of why you hesitate to jump off your  houses roof ? because your a sane person and no sane person should be jumpin off their home roofs see how simple that is 🙂

Sometimes you have to take the risks to get what you wanted just like finn saved someone who had a deadly virus because he couldnt let someone die and that person life was precious to him so he took the risk of saving it even if it meant getting infected itself

So take risks that are worth it and have a good one Peace


Strength not weekend “Thelonious”

Taken from the 100

Strength not weekend by the sentiment is real strength

Well what kind of strength was Thelonious talking when he didnt wanted sentiment in it in our daily life we have people that we share bond with friends neighbors family etc you see a friend asked you to do his assignment and you cant afford to waste time on someone elses assignment but he is your friend you nod your head and say sure np its done dont worry about it

But in real you wanted to say Dude i donot have time to do your assignment

Now you lack strength to state the obvious their is a difference in how you feel inside and how you express  it why that happened why weren’t you able to say what you wanted to say that is weakness of sentiment that is found in everyone of us

Always state the obvious its good to let someone know your not going do their assignment rather then letting them know by themself when deadline is near and you havent done anything dont just say what people wanted to hear have a good one PEACE

One decision doesn’t “Kane”

Taken from the 100

One decision doesn’t define a man

Every day every day we are making decisions what to wear what to eat what to do in our spare time .To whom should i spend time and to whom should i cutoff my ties what should i study millions of other decisions that we make every day without even knowing we are making decisions .

Our decisions how small or large or small they are they affect us in every day of life if you made a decision to sleep late and didn’t wake up early in the marking you missed the class a simple decision led to your absentee in class

One decision does not define a man it means that we all make decisions that we regret knowingly or unknowingly .If you didnt study for one test and failed even your a good student then that test doesnot define you thats a one time thing that happened .One cannot judge itself by result of one event if you keep bunking classes or failing tests then their is something wrong with the way you study or you dont study at all have a good one PEACE

A wise person “Fives”

Taken from Star wars

A wise person benefits from a second opinion

Now a days no one has any tolerance of someones opinion people would become furious over someones opinion we all have our opinions and its very difficult to change someone else opinion of something

And a person who knows that no one is perfect that person will benefit from a second opinion .If you have done a project and showed it to friend of yours and that friend took out some mistakes and give you actually good opinion and advice on how you could improve you should accept it that is a symbol of wisdom instead of bashing your friend saying who gives you authority to judge my project

Always remember only opinions that benefit you should be taken in to account people who give you opinion to lower yourself degrade you or show you contempt shrug off those opinions because those people dont have anything better then  speaking ill of you

Improve yourself by positive opinions of others and leave those who give you ill opinions  have a good one PEACE

Be afraid “Lord Robb Stark”

Taken from Game of Thrones

Be afraid but dont be stupid

Well allot of people disagree on that .You may have read many stories of brave people and their adventures but in real life if you have any sense you would realize how real these words are that were spoken by Lord Rob Stark

Be afraid but dont be stupid it doesnt mean you are a coward if your afraid of something we all are afraid of something inside even if we say we arent on outside

Take an example of why you lock your door when you sleep at night your afraid that you might loose you valuables or someone might rob you right ?? Or why would you study because your afraid if you dont keep up with the knowledge of today you might not get job you see their is a reason we all are little afraid of future ,decisions,incidents  its normal we are programmed that way .

So next time when your getting yourself in to something take precautions why you have to take precautions because your not stupid bravery cannot be applied to everything sometimes your precautions are your bravery have a good one and PEACE

Fear makes most trusting people “Obi Wan Kenobi”

Taken from Star wars The Clone Wars

Fear makes most trusting people irrational

The wise words of how people become irrational when they feel the fear .Fear is the tense feeling of anxiousness that make your heart beat faster when something that you do not desire happens or about to happen  .

When that state appears human don’t think with reason they make decisions they are about to regret in a little while .Ever remember that your doing something you shouldn’t do and your getting that pain feeling in stomach that’s called fear many types of fear exist no matter who we are we all are afraid of something  and when fear hits us it makes most trusting people do irrational things .Take an example of your good friend you two were sitting side by side in examination hall and he asked you to write an answer for a question on his answer sheet and you panicked and said No ? Why did you say No to your friend because The fear of loosing your exam and getting in to a cheating case is greater then loyalty to your friend. You see you didnt do anything wrong Your friend didnt study enough and he was afraid to fail at that certain moment and asked you a very irrational request. which you didnt fullfill .Now if you have a calm friend he will understand he asked an irrational thing from you and if he is blaming you for his ill performance then he isnt your friend at all Be rational be calm and Have a good one PEACE

A man is never to weak “Doctore Oenamaus”

Taken from Spartacus

A man is never to weak or wounded to fight if the cause is greater then his own life

Everything is achievable if you stop being lazy and accept the responsibility for your work and set your priorites staraight  the only thing that’s between you and your goals is the story you keep telling yourself why you  cant do it as Doctore Oenamaus was a Gaul Gladiator in Roman Empire a slave he trained other warriors

He used to motivate his students that your never to weak or wounded your never tired or you say you have done enough work for a day if your goal is greater then your life .Its a simple rule you see those successful people in world and think why your not one of them yet they created something that was not present in this world before

A Search Engine

A Social Platform

An Operating System

Whatever your goals are plan ahead dont be lazy work on them and you will succeed one day  keep working and have a good one PEACE