Confidence is good “Chuck McGill”

Taken from the first season of Better Call Saul

Confidence is good ,facts on your side better always know what are you walking in to

A general situation explaining for people who try to be smart asses trying to show off to teachers or their peers always stick this note on your mind

Confidence is good Over Confidence not so much to be confident you have to get the facts on your side lets suppose your a web developer and someone gives you a task or project and say do it in next 12 hours and you haven’t done your homework its a long task that could take weeks or days but you say  SURE SURE NO PROBLEM I LL DO IT  IN AN HOUR 

But when you sit and start doing it your like shit what what i have done this work is above the dead line i cant do it see you were confident and customer thought damn this guy is good in his work you didn’t look at facts you were so indulged in pleasuring your customer that you forgot check whether its possible to do that work in given time or not so remember be confident but before you get confident about something beware that you know the facts on your side other wise get your ass ready for humiliation of life time have a good one and Peace