You don’t like facebook ? “Raj Koothrapali”

Raj-You dont like facebook Sheldon ?

Sheldon- No i am a fan of anything that removes actual human  contact

This quote is from the small conversation btw Raj and Sheldon. Showing us how we sit in a same room with soul sucking machines that makes us forget that we are actually humans .Lets think for second . Your father came back from home did you ask how was his day ?

or your mom you want some help or your grandparents  who love to see you or wants to share his or her memories of how they passed their time when they were young .Hey am not  judging or somethin but thats what it explains.  Human contact is being replaced by robots yep that clash of clans or GTA5 character is more important May be because our lives are so bored .The only entertainment we get is those digital games peace so bottom line is spend time with those who would do anything to spend time with you while you can .Have a good one