A man accepts “Lord Glover”

Taken from 6th season of Game of Thrones Lord Glover says

A man accepts when he is wrong

Well isnt it the hard pill to swallow your ego when you find yourself wrong but an inch of something inside your body keep neglecting it saying no no am right screw others thats not being man thats being a coward inside a male body it takes heart to accept ones own mistake but when you accept it you will feel the peace that you did not let your ego ate u up that you were strong enough to admit you made a mistake that you were wrong

Although accepting that your wrong may cause you discomfort in some way but always remember you made a mistake you acknowledged it to never to do it again and move on to next step thats how it works have a good one and peace

When you loose someone “King Robert Baratheon”

Taken from Game of Thrones King Robert Baratheon says

When you loose someone close  not even the 7 kingdoms can fulfill the hole

After reminiscing the death of Ned Starks Sister to whom she was formerly married

These are bitter words that translates in to very simple emotions.He was the King but he lost someone who was most dear to him then the 7 kingdoms itself that he ruled didnt meant anything .This is called missing what you don’t have .It can cause you allot of pain loosing someone is never easy .Ever been to a funeral of someone close and you will know that

.We as humans create these bonds that with time sink in our hearts and the connection becomes so not unbreakable that when that person is gone and you wake up with the thought that bond is no more it physically aches you thats the worst part the invisible pounding on your chest

When you loose someone dead or not dead .It takes a heart to accept what has happened and to move one but to keep living in the past is no good in these certain moments you have to know it in the heart give peace to your head that what has happened cant be change if someone died or left you .You cant change that the only thing you can do is accept and bring yourself to Peace .Have a good one