Being adult means “Don Chepe”

Taken from the 3rd season of Narcos

Being adult means accepting things that you didn’t wanted to be true

Allot of reality check in this quote it happens to all of us when something we couldn’t have thought in a million years just happen and you get the news and you act how could this happen you get traumatize

Well to hope for the best prepare for the worst that’s how you can explain a mature adult that’s what Don Chepe wanted to explain .In other words you move on your Grandma died, or you lost a job ,failed an interview , or some other horrible incident whats has happened has happened

What you can do ?

Well what you can do is accept that you cant change what has happened but what you can do be is think rationally accept  what has happened and keep moving


Their is no one clean “Jorge Salcedo”

Taken from 3rd season of Narcos

Their is no one clean in this world

What does this show it means that no matter how careful we are one point or another we make mistakes we all make mistakes thats what it means to be human no one is perfect why do we make mistakes because it helps us in learning about things

With every mistake you learn about something whter it was a bad investment , a failed test or something else the bottom line is no one is clean in this world we all have our fair share of mistakes

But what matters the most is do we learn something from those mistakes and understand that mistake shouldn’t be repeated so make mistakes but dont make the same mistakes again learn from the previous and keep growing have a good one PEACE