A perfect person “Sherlock”

Taken from the English series of SHERLOCK definition of perfect person

A perfect person is a good observer with mouth shut ,open mind and always roaming in limits

Always precise and yet very direct thats sherlock everyone .Whats describe  above is very core of person who is perfect  ,The trails of perfection are absolute observing their are people around us who are good observers who remember every detail of something that happened , mostly they dont speak or give opinions as they know people around them dont have the mentality to either hear what they say or they  or they think its not appropriate to let them know what we are thinking

Open mind being open to suggestions if someone corrects you accept it with open mind rather then getting in an argue over something your only doing because of your ego when your wrong accept it

Always be in limits you dont have to cross the limits with someone you barely know so thats how a perfect person is defined by Sherlock have a good one and PEACE