Findings things “Jax Teller”

Taken from Sons of Anarchy Jax says

Findings things that make you happy shouldn’t be hard

What is human happiness smile on your Mothers face when she sees you ,A fathers advice ,Those random moments with your siblings when you just enjoy each other company and have quality talk their are many forms of happiness Jax just wanted to say

Their is hidden happiness in everything in this world you just have to be brave enough  to see it even when it seems vague and your feeling down when the sands of time would be released and you will look back at the time you spent doing things you loved you would smile back on your past .Never for a second doubt yourself find things that make you happy

You probably have many things to be happy right now you just dont see it .Do you get food 3 times a day .Your have loving parents and amazing siblings and when you sleep you have a roof on your head see when you start counting their are countless things you should be happy about so have a good one and PEACE

We all cant be “Damien Pope”

Taken from the Sons Of Anarchy

We all cant be all things

Well what a straight universal rule as a human we all have this envy and jealousy of what others have or what others status are as compared to you  now as for people with low self esteem aka lazy asses who dont have anything better to do in their life then whine about how bad their life is or to say MAN I WISH I WAS RICH OR MAN I WISH I COULD PASS THE EXAMS  you see the wishes in the sentences

Well If one could just got through exams or get rich through wishes wouldnt we all be millionaires by now  .Their would be always something you are not good at and some other person would be better then you in something  .Well in simple you cant be everything their would be kids in your class that would be amazing programmers but may not be very good in science subjects so whatever your talent is focus on it work hard and you can make your wishes true someone said their is no shortcut to success  have a good one and PEACE

It breaks my heart “Wayne Unser”

Taken from Sons of Anarchy Wayne Unser says

It breaks my heart that you become something you thought you will never become

.Well its true think of what you were 10 years ago or 5 years ago and then look at your current self .You thought you would never make some specific mistakes and you did .You thought smoking is hazardous for health and 10 years later your an addicted chain smoker who cant even think straight without narcotics.Or you started doing something that you never imagined you would do in your lifetime .See and then you sit thinking where did i go wrong .Well my friend take one step in wrong direction and before you know it ur in neck deep in that shit you created for your own self .Thats what wayne Unser said after he was in despair he was a sheriff never thought he could be bribed but .Lust for money was greater then his self righteousness thats it Folks Peace

“Nothings Unprovoked Sweetheart” Gemma Teller

Its amazing and deep saying by Gemma Teller from Sons of Anarchy .Going in to depth you can find everything that happen to you if someone retaliate get angry with you their is something that happened that results in something else .Take an example of a guy you bullied in high school  and he was pissed af but didn’t do anything cuz you were Bigger or Stronger .Fast forward 20 years you go for a job and karma acts up he is the Interviewer .You get treated badly at interview .You may think why i didn’t get that job .Nothings unprovoked sweetheart .You bullied him he payed you back sooner or later it happens thats life