A man is never to weak “Doctore Oenamaus”

Taken from Spartacus

A man is never to weak or wounded to fight if the cause is greater then his own life

Everything is achievable if you stop being lazy and accept the responsibility for your work and set your priorites staraight  the only thing that’s between you and your goals is the story you keep telling yourself why you  cant do it as Doctore Oenamaus was a Gaul Gladiator in Roman Empire a slave he trained other warriors

He used to motivate his students that your never to weak or wounded your never tired or you say you have done enough work for a day if your goal is greater then your life .Its a simple rule you see those successful people in world and think why your not one of them yet they created something that was not present in this world before

A Search Engine

A Social Platform

An Operating System

Whatever your goals are plan ahead dont be lazy work on them and you will succeed one day  keep working and have a good one PEACE

Their is no justice “Sura”

Taken from Spartacus first season

Their is no justice in this world

Well isn’t that clear humans have been on this planet for like i dont know years 🙂

Their is no justice not in this world .Ever see a person who worked hard  but in job interview but was rejected because someone whose father was on high post job got it why you would be like thats cruel well thats life is  but i personally believe hard work pays off sooner or later but we are talking about justice

We have made these laws and all kind of rules but you see justice can be bought .Ever heard of Pablo Escobar .He caused a scene of chaos in columbia he was a drug dealer and you know he bought justice with money unfortunately he didnt live long  but thats another story

If you have big size of purse well any thing is afford able in this universe .You see injustice in many areas where people are burned alive,oppressed,  well where is the justice in that we humans are our worst enemies greed and envy can numb your sense to a stage that you become nothing less then a wilderbeast running around on the fields of Savannah tbh we dont thrive peace we thrive for chaos and war its in our genetic code  as long as humans exist their would be no peace because we have our own will and our own decision power .If we were programmed to be just peacefull huh 🙂 but with freewill comes the chaos  thats what goes on this planet have a good one Peace

We forge our own “Doctore Oenamus”

Taken from Spartacus Oenamaus was a Gladiator Trainer he once said

We forge our own paths nothing is impossible when heart and minds are put on it

He was an optimistic person when you plan on doing something you wont be able to achieve that particular goal if you don’t put your mind and heart on it .Yes gentlemen you read that right put your mind and heart out you would be thinking that’s ridiculous how could someone put his mind and heart out .Well lets break it up for you dumb people am jus kiddin .Putting your heart and mind is a proverb mean giving your everything to achieve that goal .If you have to succeed in an exam you may have to study extra for like 3am or somethin what your doing is your sacrificing your sleep over you goal for the greater good.You see those shiny products iphone or windows or a processor of Intel they werent created overnight those  people worked their assess off to invent those things and then you look at them saying they are filthy rich .They worked for being filthy rich and they deserved it .They may have sacrificied manny things  .When i have large amount of work .I always try my best to succeed in it even it means sacrificing your sleep .You can sleep all day when you achieved something on weekends obviously when you achieve something the responsibilities increase haha pretty tiresome right.Anyways never say anything is possible if you give it time and work on it trus me .You and only You can forge your own path so make sure you control the construction of your path and get your goals Have a good one Peace

Man should accept “Lentulus Batiatus”

Taken from Spartacus Lentulus Batiatus was a resourcefull Roman Civilian .He owned a Gladiator School in Capua Rome now Italy .He used to motivate his fighters who didn’t want to fight in arena with those words as a threat

Men should accept its fate or get destroyed by it

Fate what do we call fate as humans Easy the things you cant control that’s fate .When something you don’t get that you have the utter desire to get and you just cant .Then to question Why i didn’t get it .You just simply put it like that Maybe it wasn’t in my fate to do that See Humans right ?.Of course  its easy that way you don’t have to keep questioning where did i go wrong take an example .If your born in a poor family you don’t know the reason that why your born in poor family or Why you weren’t born in that specific place or why you didn’t get that particular thing .See those WHYS   

I think no human could answer those WHYS but that’s how it is Batiatus said it accept it. If you don’t get that thing accept it if someone close to you pass away just accept it put a label of fate on it and you wont suffer and if you start questioning Why things happened the way they happen .You will be questioning for the rest of your life so mate hope you got something of use here.Sometimes ignorance is bliss have a good one Peace


Their is nothing more greater “Spartacus”

The last Episode of Spartacus .These were his last words before dying

Their is nothing more greater then falling from this World as free man

Spartacus was a slave kept to fight for entertainement of people .He was forced to kill people for the joy and pleasure of people of Capua a city in Roman Empire now in Italy.

These words shine light on how important independence is .My Country is Pakistan and it became independent on 1947.We may been having different problems in our Country but to wake every morning as a free man is a blessing of Almighty that he bestowed upon us.

You see in ancient times when you were a slave.your master could kill you and your life was worthless .A person would be just a property that could be treated in anyway or killed with out any safety from Law. Even in 21st Century their are states that are under conflict and their people cant live their live freely .Minorities in some countries suffer that they cant perform their prayers or celebrate their festivals .So If your reading this and your a free man who has a roof on his head .Parents that love you to death and something to eat for 3 times a day then stop right their and say Shukar alhamdulillah(Allah gave me the best.)

And just be happy to be alive and to be a Free Human