No one knows what will happen “Mr Eko”

Taken from The lost

No one knows what will happen thats why its called leap of faith or lack of expectation

Ever been in to a condition where you dont know whats going to happen next .We all get in to these  situations once in a while where we just cant predict the outcome Why we cant predict it because its not in our hands that what will happen next .

Will someone steal your money ? Will someone betray you ? Will someone close to you die in next week or today or in next hour ? hell these are questions that are related to probability of things that can happen to you at any time of day sweet science but as Mr Eko said .

We cannot know for sure what the future holds if we know the thrill and suspense would be gone .Now their could be 2 reasons you think something cant happen .Your lack of expectation . You work hard and you give the best exams you could give and your still like

nahh i may pass or not there your lacking the power of expectation .You gave your 100%  and your still not sure you will pass ? Why either you have screwed with the Teacher or you dont know how to attempt an exam

Leap of faith means attempting something whose outcome is not sure we all are uncertain of outcomes of our actions most of time whatever your doing prepare your best and take that leap of faith because thats how you would know what future holds for you have a good one PEACE

Why hold on “Kate Austen”

Taken from the Lost Series

Why hold on to something that makes you sad

How logical that statement sounds but humans are somehow incapable of doing that its like saying why you smoke even knowing you will eventually have a lung cancer damaging your respiratory system but No lets keep smoking and i overheard someone saying or i think read on internet that smoke wateva da hell you want  .We are all going to die and my reaction was YEHHH but atleast my lungs would not be like black charcoal boiled with punctures in them HUMANS right

Whenever you fail in something the sadness is always  in greater proportions then the happiness but you are the one who is overreacting on a situation that wont even mean in next month or in next year dont hold on to things that make you sad make peace with them even its not easy but its better then keep thinking about something sad so before getting all emotional over some petty issue ask yourself is it even worth my attention to spend my emotions on some test marks see be logical and have a good one PEACE

There are many things “James Sawyer”

Taken from Lost James Sawyer was a Con Man from his experience he said

There are many things given to us in this life as a test choose them and use them  wisely

Have you ever thought why i have these things and why i got those .May be i worked hard for them may be i worked hard and God rewarded me for my Hard working attitude .But their are things given to you as a test take an example of Wealth .Lust for money is an incredible thing its like an addiction heroin or cocaine you always want more and the thirst is just nonhuman that’s called being greedy .But what will you do of that wealth did you help the poor with what you were given or you were to busy putting your money in swiss banks for profit and interest that you forgot about everyone else .

What about knowledge .You had so much knowledge and you didn’t want to teach other kids in your class so they may surpass you .See you were given these gifts not for yourself only but to help others that’s what makes us human keeping others up .So whatever gift you have share it with those who are in need not with those who use you .We all are unique in our own ways with gifts and talents so choose and use them wisely .Who you choose to help always remember who your helping have a good one Peace


Once you let grief “Ben Linus”

Taken from Lost Benjamin Linus says

Once you let grief become anger it never goes away

It applies in our daily life .See a friend of your who was your bestie and all of a sudden that person is a total stranger your being sad from inside your heart is grieving that why that happened trying to find all the things you did and questioning what you did wrong .Well you didn’t do anything wrong people changes and when they change you start to feel sorrow like what would i do without that person and then you try to change that person asking them all kind of awkward questions that why we aren’t same as we were a week ago an year ago or a decade ago and when things don’t go as planned .You start to become angry and whenever you hear the name of that particular person or a spot you you used to hang around the anger just arises your letting them live in your head long after they are gone .Your angry but you cant do anything and that’s whats bothering you

When you feel like that what you can do to save yourself from this misery is accept the situation that not everything is under control .You can only control yourself and you can do that by picking all the good and bad memories remember the lesson and move on .life isnt meant to spent at one place .Meet people make friends when they change you move on Remember your friends from 8th grade that’s right you don’t because their purpose in your life is over they are gone alive but gone from your life .I take it like that ..The only thing you have after all these years would be you so stop grieving and control your anger Have a good one Peace

Lost things “John Locke”

This quote is taken from LOST TV-Series .John Locke was my fav character an old man who never gave up

Lost things only get found when you stop looking for them

Those words were so true to me that never felt someone say somethin so real when i first started to watch the show .Have you ever lost something your car keys your book a pen your toys or glasses anything and when you wanted to find that particular thing you never succeeded  it was like that thing doesn’t want to be found anymore and then time passes you forget about that thing you lose and one day your clearing your room going through your old things and bam you find an old diary ,toys ,book or anything that you lost maybe years or weeks ago and its like how could this thing came here and why on earth am i finding it now John locke had this theory when he lose things he would stop looking for them of course he would try at first that may be he ll find it but when he wont find them .He just stops right their and say well that thing will come back to me sooner or later and if it wont screw that i dont have enough time to waste on something that doesnt want to be found and one day that thing appears like a text from your Ex  or worse an awkward Phone call 🙂 haha out of no where .And  then you dont need it anymore huh Lost Things anyways have a good one Peace