You either run “Katherine Pierce”

Taken from Vampire Diaries .Katherine Pierce says

You either run from your problems or face them but dont whine about them suck it up

Katherine was a manipulating creature ūüôā .She said very true words .You can either keep running from your problems like your failing thats a problem but your not studying your running from books and in the meantime your whining to everyone that you failed and why you failed .Well my friend you are not facing the problem finding the solution whats really wrong with you instead your doing the Running and Whining and that wont get you anywhere .Even when you whine about something do you really think others care that you fail they may be happy that your facing these problems like a friend of mine named¬†Stars¬†had a whatsap status .They want you do good but never better then them such bitches tbh lmao .

So lets stop for a moment analyze whats wrong with you what problem are you facing and why are you facing instead of dodging it you could do is  debug yourself gain your senses and act on whats right to get rid of problems so have a good one Peace

Those fake songs and stories “Damon Salvatore”

The quote is taken from Vampire Diaries by Damon Salvatore he says

Those fake songs and stories and characters dont idolize them

You may think this is wrong i also found it very hard to believe we learn manny things from characters and stories and songs they are the words unsaid that we hear from other persons mouth who describe our situation ever heard a sad song that totally related to you at the moment or a joyfull song .Damon didnt say you cant learn anything from songs stories and characters .What he meant was you cannot idolize them .You ve seen may be a gazillion movies with same happy endings .Where the movie ends everything is in place people get what they want good defeats bad ,Guy gets the girl

Huh right but you cant take that concept in real life scenarios ever saw news when some people couldn’t get a job because they were on merit but a son of wealthy influential person got that job because his father bribed the official .Ever saw someone get away with murder millions of people get killed and many of the killers are roaming free because no one found what they did see long story short life is not a fucking movie neither we are movie characters .Good things happen in real world but not always you wont always get what you want in your life .And if your movieholic with little sense of real world you would be like but but it happen in that movie damn son you need to taste real life a bit mote i think if you lived 20 years on Earth you know what real life tastes like A glass of liquid with taste sometimes sweet sometimes sour but you keep drinking it in with different flavors of same liquid and one day the liquid runs out and your times up¬†¬†haha damn i am a poet anyways watch movies listen to songs learn from them Idolize not so much hope you get something from it Have a good one Peace

Whats the point “Stefan Salvatore”

Taken from Vampire Diaries words of Stefan Salvatore

Whats the point in being good

Have you ever had a thought that you’ve been doing good for so long granting people favors like chocolate candies for ¬†free ¬†and then their a time comes when you need those favors returned and next thing you know they turn back on you .And you start to question like is that how i get paid back for the things i have done for those¬†egoistical pieces of crap .Well my friend yep Welcome to Planet Earth no wonder why Aliens don’t visit us :*

Yes gentlemen then you ask yourself whats the point in being good when all you get is get screwed in payback .Hey you would be thinking Doing good means not expecting something in back

Do you really believe that BS and even you do.Lets lend that person 10k from your salary and when you need them they are like dude 10k is a lot of money i don’t have it ¬†YET.Well boy if you couldn’t return it then dafuq you would ask for it .See humans with their broken promises and petty lies .Hey don’t make that ironic face i know you have many disagreements with .But wait right their and think of a person who ¬†used you because you were to blind in that Being Good ¬†Attitude and ¬†you suffered at the end badly getting that feeling ¬†thats right feel it¬†¬†thats what Stefan Felt when he said that Peace