Learn from the shepherd “King Egbert”

Taken from 4th season of Vikings

Learn from the shepherd learn from the king “King Egbert”

Human life is one big time span of experience you keep experiencing things from the day your born until you die

Now its your choice to learn from those experiences or take a blind eye on them .So never be over confident learn from everyone around you the rich the poor that’s what Egbert wanted his Grandsons to know that everyone can teach you something important its your will to learn from them some people will give you good times the other will give you bad times but what is the lesson that is the most important thing

What did you learn after all and where did you applied that knowledge so keep learning and have a good one PEACE

I never assume “King Egbert”

Taken from 4th season of Vikings

I never assume anything

Well jumping to conclusions without looking at facts are in humans nature we have this tendency to create theories based on our assumptions that we don’t have any prove its just a random complex process of creating thoughts and based on them we say things that we shouldn’t say or do things that we shouldn’t do

Never say something or do something based on assumptions you could be wrong and in result you could damage the relationship take your time if you have a problem ask the person and solve it have a good one PEACE


Dont look back “Ragnar Lothbrok”

Taken from 4th Season of Vikings

Don’t look back your not going that way

Quite wise if you read it with open mind and not only read it but implement it in your life

When going for war his young sons start looking back home and Ragnar tells them to not look back because they are not going back home for long time that’s how life should be you should not look back in to things that happened badly in your life look back to the good things and learn lessons from the bad ones to stand still in those past moments and wishing things like i wished time stayed and things stayed the same is useless so dont look back have a Good one PEACE

Someone is always responsible “King Harald”

Taken from 4th season of Vikings

Someone is always responsible for failure

Well its simple when ever you face a failure their is a reason behind that failure the failure doesn’t pop out of no where their was whole course that followed to the events of the failure

If its failure in exams , or in business or in friendship or anything else of this world the actions you took or someone around you resulted in your failure

So instead of turning blind eye on the failure and repeating the samething thing again and again hitting a brick wall analyze why the failure happened what was the cause of it and who caused it take the responsibility and make it better so you dont have to suffer next time  peace

It is good to travel “Ragnar Lothbrok”

Taken from the Season 3 Ragnar Lothbrok says

It is good to travel with hope and courage but its better to travel with KNOWLEDGE

For savages like Vikings it was still known that many of them were strategists that used to attack opponents .Analyzed their opponents Ragnar was one of them

While most of the people don’t use brain the thing is when your getting  your self in to something you should have at least the knowledge what your getting your self in to .Saying that your going in Army serving the country being a patriot you should also know getting yourself in Army also means a bullet hanging just an inch away from you.Its same as choosing a course to study in which your not interested at all but you just wanted to get in University so you just chose some random course in which your name came up on merit list and when you graduated from whatever BS Art drawing course you did in University the only thing you are eligible for is God Knows Better

Hey am not saying you can predict where you will land in future but you can at least use a part of a brain to analyze what your going to do with your life just know something .Courage is good hope is good but knowledge of facts should also be taken account before taking a decision for example if your bad in mathematics and good in Science you should choose a field that you have interest in instead of something that you have no interest in studying so have a hope be courageous but have KNOWLEDGE

I have been deceived “Ragnar Lothbrok”

Taken from Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok was a Norsemen an illiterate person with an active mind

I have been deceived many times but magic was not cause of it

This is very same as blaming something to others its common is rural areas of southern Asia when something is going wrong or people are constantly suffering losses they immediately say we have been victimized by Black magic wtf

I dont believe it because its 21st Century its not stone age anymore .Things happen for a reason and if you think that you failed a test because someone did magic on you well you Sir living in wrong time go back to 1300s where ignorant ppl like you belong .Their is a reason behind everything and if you get deceived by someone its not like they are under magic

They have their motives for betraying you money ,revenge,an old grudge that’s what ragnar said people do things which benefit them and if that means deceiving someone so be it so NO MAGIC ffs have a good one Peace

Their is first time “Rollo Lothbrok”

Taken from Vikings Rollo Lothbrok says

Their is first time to everything

Well how real it is years ago you didn’t know how to install new os on your pc and now your master in it its like usual stuff for you see you did it for the first time saw someone or someone helped you but the end result is u got hold on it after a while

Well the quote pretty much says that you don’t have to fear something that you want to do for the first time ride a bicycle or a motorbike any kind of driving preparing for an exam failing an exam we all do things for first time and then we get addicted to some or refrain from some things depending on the result of that first time  now the thing is one should be conscious about what they are doing for the first time smoking a blunt of marijuana or snorting cocaine for first time those kind of activities will cause damage to you and people around you .Don’t fear to try something new but the condition is if you know that thing is immoral illegal you better not try it  keep trying and have a good one Peace

Who needs a reason “Floki”

Taken from the Vikings second season Floki says

Who needs a reason for betrayal if you accept that you will avoid much disappointment in life

Floki was a person who never expected much from his fellows or anyone else and the fact was he was happier then any other person

Because when you start to expect from others you over expecting from them .You think they are the best people in the world and may be they are but this quote just explains .

You cant think that they are unable to change one day they stop talking to you or stop giving shit about you or start spreading rumors about you .What can you do ? ask them the awkward questions trying to be the good boy solving everything .

Always live with the knowledge whoever your best friend is .I dont care if he is the best thing that happened to you .We wake up with different feelings everyday .Whoever you have in your life besides your parents .They can betray you if they want to betray you the only  variable is what will they gain is it the revenge or an old grudge or your loss .

So as the quote says who needs a reason  when your betrayed would you like to know the reason ?? Why that particular person betrayed you

Of course nothing can suppress humans curiosity you cant just suppress it otherwise you ll go crazy with assumptions and theories that your minds make up saying that person was good and blah blah what happened .Ignorance is a bliss and then you get the reason of betrayal and for months you dive in self loathing thinking .I thought this person was this and he came out like that .Well see drink it in you self loating piece of crap am jus kiddin

.So think twice who you call your friend at the first place have a good one Peace

We have nothing left “Lagertha”

This quote is from first Season of Vikings when Lagertha says

Lagertha: Our farm is burned our livestock is dead .We have nothing left

Floki:  Your alive your children are alive you have everything left

It teaches you a very important lesson in human life materialistic things are not everything .Your car ,bank account,large house they may make you happy and blessed but always remember one thing.Its the people in your life who make you look up to another day to live give you a reason to breathe .So whenever your feeling down or broke or hit rock bottom .Remember their is someone you have a mother ,father,sibling .God .And even if your mind is to clouded always remember  this

      I am not alone i have my self

Never underestimate yourself  Peace